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Monochrome Style: The Art of One Tone

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

photo courtesy of IG @Melikkam

Monochrome style is a secret way to grab the attention of the room. It’s wearing an outfit varying in different tones, patterns or textures all in the same hue. It's a look that’s simple to achieve and works with everything from athleisure in the gym, casual weekend wear to dressy attire. Here are a few keys to nailing this style.

Self Awareness

Know what suits you. Know what compliments your skin tone and wear a color that compliments you. Also wear a color that you are familiar with. If you don’t normally wear a particular color like red, don’t experiment with it for a monochrome outfit. Wear something that you’re already comfortable with. Comfort will exude confidence, which is a statement in itself.

Keys to Mastery

The key to mastering one tone is keep it simple. When deciding on a color, select one hue and wear it in different shades, tones, patterns and textures. Try not to be too matchy matchy when wearing monochrome from head to toe. This can be overwhelming visually. Inserting patterns will add interest. Playing with different textures such as leather, denim, tweed, twill, suede or linens will add depth and dimension. With accessories, less is more so keep your jewelry simple. Adorning your wrist with a bracelet will always elevate your look.

"Ethan" shungite & onyx bracelet from our "Armour" Collection

Remain Neutral

Neutrals are an amazing accent to go monochromatic with. You can never go wrong with the classic colors like white, navy, tan, brown or black. It works with all skin tones and is complimentary to everyone. These are colors creating a one hue masterpiece always making a statement. Also, if wearing a non- neutral hue but you want a way to break it up, add in a neutral color shirt such as white or tan. This will balance out the colors and avoid looking washed out.


Mix up your ensemble with a different color shoe. This will avoid appearing as if you’re wearing a costume and add visual interest. This will break up the one color by wearing black, white, brown or something that accents your attire.

Whichever color palette you decide on, you can’t go wrong when following these simple elements. It’s a guaranteed way of looking suave & pulled together.


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