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Growing up, we developed a love for accessories from a young age. At the ages of 10 and 12, after taking just a couple of sewing classes and using our mom’s sewing machine, we started selling handmade items from our local hair salon. We later pursued different areas, but eventually it came back full circle to our lifelong passion.   In 2016 was the launch of Ashley and Melissa!

We've always had an eye for fashion with  everything from modeling to writing fashion columns & blogs.  We simply love inspiring others to  present their best version. Our jewelry characterizes timeless style with our modern take, having a look for every ensemble. From humble beginnings to launching Ashley & Melissa, all of our pieces are handcrafted & curated by our production team in Dallas, TX.

Our focus is to create high-end sustainable pieces that are a fusion of luxury, elegance, durability & quality. Our designs emulate luxury meets lifestyle, perfect for every lady & gentleman.  The vision of our brand is to empower others & exude confidence while looking their best, effortlessly!

We have a passion for helping others so a portion of all proceeds are donated to "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital & One Man's Treasure," Ashley & Melissa are dedicated to empowering others.

​Our Mission...

​To inspire optimism and encourage everyone to walk by faith - II Corinthians 5:7                                               


Let your style make a statement & express yourself

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