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Jewelry Information

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Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel clasps and accent jewels are heavy-duty, rust resistant and have a high resistance to corrosion due to its molecular composition and properties. Hand-polished and crafted to perfection, they’re attractive and built to last. Each of our leather products has a secure stainless steel clasp with a strong magnetic grip.

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Premium Leather

Our premium 8-ply and Indian leather cords are made with high-quality hides that contain higher oil content. Very durable, yet flexible, our premium leather cords compliment a variety of skin tones.  In addition, all dyes that are used in this leather are certified 100% lead-free and do not contain any AZO’s, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI, Cadmium or any other carcinogenic/ hazardous chemicals.


Man-Made Hematite

This beautiful mirror-like metallic gray rock is extremely durable, heavy in weight and contains many of the desirable properties in magno-therapy as with genuine hematite. Known for promoting blood flow, increasing joint flexibility, as well as a slew of other benefits, our man-made hematite beads offer a remarkable appeal, with extra added benefits. These dark-colored beads add a bold flare to most outfits.

stingray 3.jpg

Stingray Leather

Our exotic genuine stingray leather cord is resilient and has a uniquely defined texture. More durable than traditional cowhide leather, stingray leather has lustrous details that reflect under proper lighting and is very striking in appearance.

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Ebony Wood

Spectacularly carved to perfection, ebony wood is widely sought after for its’ dramatic grain and naturally-colored timbers. From guitars and other musical instruments to fine cabinetry, furniture and jewelry - ebony wood implements a style statement like no other! As a top seller in our bead category, ebony wood beads pair well with casual or refined attire.

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Python Leather

Long-lasting and smooth to the touch, our genuine python leather cord is a definite must have! Native to Africa and Asia, pythons offer a unique blend of color variations and its' exotic scales are a valued feature of this nonvenomous reptile. Python leather cord offers a subtle, glamorous approach to sophisticate attire.

Lava Stone.jpg

Lava Stone

Formed from volcanic eruptions, these amazing stones are made up of basalt. Natural lava rock is known for the stone of strength and for relaxing purposes, you can add essential aromatherapy oils to our stone bracelets for calming effects.

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