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Black Tie Ready

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Black tie events are something to celebrate. These are typically formal evening events requiring a highly polished style of dress for occasions such as galas, prestigious balls, grandeur weddings and lavish parties. The dress code is a look of sophistication making it special from your everyday wear. With a few essential elements, your black tie ensemble will be sure to make a debonair statement.


· There are three options for your formal attire: A tuxedo, a velvet jacket or a slim fit black suit.

· For a tuxedo, it should be black or midnight blue with satin lapels

· If wearing a jacket, it should be velvet and paired with black trousers. It adds a touch of vintage. Find what compliments your style.

· If wearing a black suit, it should be tailored and slim fitting for clean, sleek lines.

· Fit is everything so a well-tailored jacket is always essential for a distinguished look


· Tuxedo trousers are essential and it's recommended that they always match your jacket. They should have a single, vertical satin strip down the side matching the lapels.

· It’s crucial that the trousers are the proper length and hemmed. This will elongate your body

· Cummerbund is a must with tuxedo trousers for a formal appearance. It will separate you from everyone else at the event by covering your waist.

· If wearing a tuxedo, wear suspenders if needed instead of a belt.

Dress Shirt

· Always go simple and timeless with a classic white dress shirt in a high quality fabric

· If wearing a tuxedo, it pairs well with a French cuff shirt with studs to compliment the tux jacket

· Complete your look with a black, silk bow tie, never a necktie. It wearing a tuxedo, the bow tie must match the lapels. Also make sure the bow tie size is proportional to your shirt collar and lapels.


· Classic patent leather, satin or velvet slippers are perfect for a tuxedo, black suit of velvet jacket

· Pair with black over the calf silk, dress socks for an elegant look

"Aspen" from the Ashley & Melissa "Timber Collection"

Complete the Ensemble

· Grooming is essential with hair well maintained & freshly cut

· Keep nails trimmed & cleaned

· Accessories are the finishing touches to elevate your look. Simplistic cuff links, a watch and jewelry are fantastic ways to look black tie ready. Just make sure to match your metals of your cuff links, watch and any jewelry. Don’t mix silver and gold for a flawless look

· White silk or linen handkerchief for a pocket square is a great way to complete the jacket. It adds the pop of white to your black or midnight black tuxedo.


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