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Fundamentals of Style

As simple as it would be to leave your house just wearing anything, it will probably not reflect the image or get the type of attention you desire.  If your objective is to look polished & prepared for whoever may cross your path, it would mean showing up how you want to be perceived. By making intentional style choices, you will exude confidence and look like your ultimate version.  Whether your goal is to make a few small tweaks or begin a transformative journey, there a few tips to enhance your daily style.


Buy I­­­­­­­­­­­­­ntentionally

Avoid purchasing an item only because it's on sale. Purchase only the items that you absolutely love & it's your aesthetic, not simply an impulse buy. Be very precise with your purchases & ensure that is it your style. This will ensure you'll actually want to wear it & not simply collect pieces.

Your Aesthetic

Make sure your clothing is in alignment with your aesthetic.  To simplify getting dressed, your closet should reflect your lifestyle. 80% of your daily aesthetic should be reflected in your attire. This will eliminate a closet of clothes with the feeling of having nothing to wear because your attire doesn’t accommodate your daily lifestyles.

In Plain Sight

Keep your clothing, shoes and accessories visible and easy to find. Display your pieces because it's easy to forget what you have. Sometimes it's easy to own pieces, but not wear them.  This is true especially with accessories! Jewelry can especially upgrade your outfit. By simply adding an eye-catching bracelet, statement earrings, sleek cuffs or a timeless wrist watch can elevate your ensemble. It’s easy to forget about these details at times if their stored away in your closet or if where your items are kept is not visible. ­­­­ 

Shoes are Key 🔑

Never underestimate the power of your shoes. Shoes are a huge part of your life, not just an afterthought. Don't just look put together from head to ankle, look well styled from head to toe! Make sure that your shoes are clean & well kept, not discolored or faded. Wear a shoe that compliments your outfit.

Know Your Body

Most importantly, wear what compliments you best. Dressing well makes you not only look good, but FEEL good. This will leave a lasting impression.  For women, it's especially important to wear what suits your shape.  Don't simply wear the current style, follow fads or just what works best for everyone else, wear what looks best on you!

If the size fits, wear it!

Don't get hung up on sizes. Wear the size that fits you best, not focusing on just the number. Clothing is typically designed for the masses, not customized to always accommodate everyone. Every body shape is different so every size will look different on everyone. Don't be afraid to size up or down.

With a few simple tips, you’ll exude confidence and have the fundamentals of style!

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