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Elevated Wardrobe Basics & Essentials

Investing in your appearance is essential. The right look will always make a significant difference, leaving an everlasting first impression. With that being said, you can take your style game to another level by making your basics look non basic in your everyday wardrobe.

Organization You can't wear it if you don't know where it is. Keep your closet organized so you know where to find what you need. Keep only what you love & it will make getting dressed much easier! Find some time to donate or retire your gently loved items to help narrow down your options for getting together your ensemble. This saves not only time but also money.

Minimalistic With a busy schedule, it can be beneficial to have a basic capsule wardrobe, which is taking a few pieces in your closet & make it your entire wardrobe by intertwining these pieces together. Minimalize your collection to a capsule wardrobe consisting of just your favorite pieces. This will help you to buy intentionally. You'll start to invest in pieces you love & will wear for years instead of fast fashion looks only usually worn for a season. This can eliminate the hassle of having alot of clothing pieces, but still the stressful feeling of having "nothing to wear. " You'll always have the perfect default outfits for every occasion. This will define your style!

Detail Driven Details will set you apart. Don't overlook wear & tear on your favorite pieces. It will bring down your entire look. If you noticed the snag or hole in your shirt, 99% of the time others will too. Details are everything & will truly elevate your look. Try to avoid struggle shoes, holes, thread unravelling & worn out pieces. This can become the unintended focus of a distinguished look. If you have a jacket, clothing item or shoe that is irreplaceable and that cannot be parted ways with, visit a specialist that can handle the repair.

Tailor Made Fit is essential. Wear pieces that are structured & fit well. Clothing too oversized or that fits too small is not flattering. Fit will make you feel better & look comfortable in your ensemble. Clothing that fits your body will compliment you, making you stand apart from the crowd. Make sure your pants are the right length. To avoid them bunching at the bottom, get them hemmed for a polished look & seamless fit! Work with your body type. Wear what looks best on you. You will look effortless & like you put more time into your look than you really did.

Less is More When you don't know what to wear, wear monotone or neutrals. You can never go wrong when wearing black, white, gray, tan, brown, olive or any earth tone shade. It also takes your attire to another level when wearing a monochrome outfit of black or any color from head to toe. When in doubt, don't underestimate the power of wearing one color. Neutrals are also infinitely easier to style instead of colors like orange, yellow or bold prints & designs.

Signature Style

Having a signature piece like jewelry will always elevate your outfit. Personalize your style by adding a watch, bracelet or accessories to take your outfit to another level. Stacking your bracelets will add a modern touch.

black matte beads with gold accent paired with a gold stunning bracelet set
"Tobias" black & gold set from the "Regal" A&M Collection

It will pull your look together for any look. Another signature to not overlook is having a signature fragrance. In addition to smelling fresh, a fragrance will make you stand out when you enter the room. It will linger as you walk by leaving a lasting impression, peaking curiosity of others to want to know more about the person that just walked by. With these simple tips, it will help you define your style! You'll be good to go for every occasion.


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