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Present Your Best Version

There is power in dressing up. While some may believe it’s no big deal, dressing up makes a powerful statement. Getting dressed gives your day a purpose! It not only gives that respect to strangers, but also to yourself. It commands the room, speaking volumes, without even saying a word. Along with these reasons, there are several other ways dressing up can enhance your life.

Personal Brand

Appearance is your personal brand. Image is a representation of you & a huge part of your brand. Regardless of the industry that you work in, you will be taken more seriously if you look well put together. It actually commands the room and people will want to hear what you have to say. It makes you more sociable, approachable and appearing even knowledgeable. People are more polite to you when you are well dressed. Overall, you'll receive better treatment, more attention & automatically look like a leader. Dressing well brings the right type of attention to you.

Detail Oriented

Attention to details is everything. It enhances your ensemble and brings together your entire look. The little things like accessorizing with jewelry, self- care such as clean, trimmed nails & keeping all hair maintained make a major impact on your appearance. Even wearing structured, well-fitted clothing will compliment your body. All of these small details make a difference.

"Selim" blue green & gold set from the "Oasis" A&M Collection

Best Life

Everyday should be celebrated. Live your BEST LIFE. 🍾 This means always look your best. Don’t just wait for a special occasion, vacation or a formal event. Look good everywhere you go and wear your best. Everything should be enjoyed daily. It creates an abundance mindset by always dressing well instead of saving certain things for special occasions.


Dressing up brings happiness! It radiates on the outside bringing more opportunities. Overall is can ultimately improve everything in your life. It even brings positivity & is a mood booster! Sometimes it can be easy to feel in a slump when you let your grooming go & throw on anything that’s clean. But actually putting effort into your appearance shifts your entire mood to feel better about yourself. It will even inspire motivation by simply getting dressed daily.


Your attire can impact productivity and performance. You will feel more accomplished just getting ready for the day. It impacts your thinking, increases reassurance & radiates your self- worth. Dressing well teaches discipline & is a sense of self care. Once you’re dressed, you’ll be on a mission to get things taken care of during your day

Self Confidence Anytime that you are dressed up and look good, you’ll automatically feel good. You’ll feel confident, holding your head up higher everywhere you go. When going to public settings, you won’t be dreading to see someone out that you may know or meet. You never know what connections, business opportunities or networking you’ll come in contact with just by being prepared. Dressing well makes an astounding first impression. Ultimately it makes you memorable in a society where most people dress typically casual. It reflects your personality in how you present yourself

Inspiration Whenever you dress up, you will inspire others! It gives you an extra edge by dressing well, bringing a sense of contentment. It expands your creativity by putting together outfits. Not only will it inspire you to do better, but people that see you will too. This can even inspire others to up their style game. Others will notice your effort and opportunities will unfold. People will take notice and you will stand out.

Dressing well is definitely understated. There are countless ways it impacts your life for the better. Though it requires more time & preparation, the benefits are priceless. Your efforts will definitely not go unnoticed.

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Gentleman in white suit ~ courtesy of Pinterest

Selim Bracelet Set ~ courtesy of Ashley & Melissa


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