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Elevate your Look

Looking sleek and stylish is everyone’s ultimate goal, but not always achieved. You may have the perfect outfit, but with the key elements missing it may not reach its full potential. With a few essential style concepts, your look will be elevated to a new level.

Proper Fit

Proper fitting clothing provides a cleaner and more polished look. This cannot be stressed enough. Not only will it make you look effortless, but also slimmer. Always find the right size when shopping to compliment your body, making it look its best.

Tailor Made

Along with purchasing the right size, some clothing may need to be altered to provide the perfect fit. Very seldomly will clothing off the rack fit you perfectly. This is because there are so many different body shapes and frames that it would be nearly impossible to have a “one size fits all” for everyone. Getting a tailor to alter your clothes fit like a glove is a great way of making your clothes seamless. Another option is investing in hemming tape if you don’t have time to get clothing professionally tailored.

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Clothing Care

Make sure your clothes are always wrinkle free. Steam or ironing clothing is a great way to instantly look more polished. Also, don’t underestimate proper storage of clothing. This not only makes them look better when they’re worn, but will preserve the fabric life, shape & integrity to avoid looking stretched out or damaged.

Your signature

Find what makes your look pop with a signature item. It may be jewelry, cuff links, certain accessories, a pair of statement shoes, a cool pair of sunglasses or whatever makes you stand out in the crowd. Ashley & Melissa have great statement pieces like the nautical anchor bracelet below to add a pop of color to your outfit.

"Bay" twisted silk rope bracelet from our "Anchored" Collection

Well Groomed

Keeping your hair & nails groomed are priceless. Groomed facial hair and a fresh haircut are a must have to look good. Your hair brings everything together, so your look would be incomplete without it. Clean and trimmed nails are another must have that cannot be overlooked. Your hands are very noticeable, so your nails are obvious when they are dirty and unkempt. This may seem small but make a huge impact.

Remembering these essential guidelines when preparing for the day will elevate your look to the next level and set you apart from others.

~ Ashley & Melissa


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