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How to Always Look Put Together

We’ve all been there before, trying to find the perfect outfit. Sometimes you’re just unsure what to wear or maybe in a rush trying to put an outfit together at the last minute. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to fret. With a few essential style concepts, getting dressed can be a breeze while using minimal effort and still make a statement.

Fit is Everything

This is probably the most important concept to remember. When clothing fits properly, it makes you look effortless. It also solves most of your clothing problems. Clothing with a poor fit can throw off your entire look making you look heavier, which no one wants. The right fit can make the most basic outfit like a t-shirt and jeans look sleek and stylish. Someone can be wearing a designer outfit from head to toe but if the fit is off, the entire look is off. This means when shopping for clothing, always try it on before purchasing. Although it can be a hassle and it’s tempting to just eyeball the fit, most fits are not universal and sizing varies. Make sure pants fit and are not oversized or baggy. For shirts, they should be proper fitting in the chest, shoulders and sleeves, no matter the style- casual or dressy. Find the size that fits and is most complimentary to your body.

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Tuck it in

Whenever wearing a dress shirt, always tuck it in. Whether it be paired with denim, chinos or any type of pant, it will always make you look more polished. People will think you put much more thought into your outfit. This only takes minimal effort and makes a drastic difference. When shirts are untucked, it can portray a sloppy appearance and the look like you didn’t put much thought into getting dressed.

Attention to Detail

Elevate your look by accessorizing. Small details make a big difference and believe it or not people notice, especially women. You can take your look to the next level by simply putting on a bracelet. This may seem minimal but really adds a level of sophistication. Ashley & Melissa have perfect bracelet for any look.

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Basic isn’t Basic

Don’t try to go trendy, stick with the classics. This works for any look, but especially for if you’re unsure what to wear. Basic attire in neutral colors will always be timeless and you can never go wrong. Stay away from graphic and print tees. Wear solid colors like black, white, navy and neutrals.

Grooming is Essential

Being well groomed should not be underestimated. Having excellent hygiene, keeping all hair trimmed and maintained, making sure your nails are clean and trimmed and smelling good are priceless. These qualities can tell you a lot about a person. When your appearance is on point, know that people will notice.

As you can see, it doesn’t take very much effort to be stylish. With these simple style guidelines, it will enhance your style and look like you spent hours getting ready. Stand out from the other guys by following these concepts and always making a statement.

~Ashley & Melissa


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