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How to Care for your Jewelry

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

We all have those pieces of jewelry that we love to wear. It pulls your outfit together and it makes it feel complete. While this is okay to do with fine jewelry made of platinum, gold or diamonds, jewelry made with other materials is a little different. When using alternatives such as beads and plated metals, it requires a little more love to preserve their appearance. When these materials come in contact with elements like moisture, oils, air or acid, it causes the jewelry color to fade, tarnish or rust. Here are a few tips you can do to avoid these reactions.

Moisture Free

While unavoidable at times, try to keep dry as much as possible. It is best to remove jewelry when doing common tasks like hand washing, the dishes or laundry to avoid water. Even exposure to everyday substances like lotion, sunscreen, cologne, hairspray, oil and perspiration can impact the surface of your jewelry. It’s safest to apply lotions and colognes first, allow time to dry and completely absorb into the skin, then slip on your jewelry. Working with chemicals or household cleansers can also affect your pieces because they can be too harsh for contact. By avoiding moisture, it is the simplest way to reduce tarnishing and fading. If your jewelry does come in contact with moisture, just dry it off as soon as possible.

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Let it Rest

Everything deserves to rest. When God created the days of the week, he made Sunday the Sabbath day for a reason; the day of rest. If he can let things rest, so can you, lol. Even though you love the bracelet that goes with everything, give it a break. The constant wear will show on the bracelet and eventually wear it out. Rotating them out with other pieces helps them last for a long time and keep their original brilliance.

Proper storage

This is something that is often overlooked but is very important. Whenever you’re not wearing your bracelet, don’t just leave it lying on the dresser or in the bottom of a drawer. It is best to keep it protected in your jewelry bag or in an air tight container. Just think of it as how you wouldn’t leave a luxury car out in the middle of a storm. Why? Because it gets dirty! All of our items you receive will come in a linen bag. This will reduce tarnishing, keep air exposure out, protect from impact and avoid potential scratches. When certain metals mix with the air, it causes them to oxidize changing the color.

This tip comes in perfect time for travel season. While packing to get ready for that summer vacay, don’t just throw your fave bracelet in the bottom of your weekend bag. Instead pack it in the same linen bag for ultimate protection for travel.

These are a few things you can do that will extend the life of your jewelry. Just remember preventative care is much easier than trying to save damaged jewelry. By making these small changes, it will greatly reduce signs of wear and tear and increase the life of your jewelry.

~Ashley & Melissa


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