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Neutral Territory: Minimalistic Style

Photo courtesy: Ig @prime_men

Neutrals are a capsule color for any wardrobe collection. This includes tops, bottoms, shoes, sportscoats, outerwear & jackets, hats & just about any type of attire. These include colors like white, beige, tan, gray, olive, brown, navy & black. They are the ideal staple for every man's wardrobe. Imagine the ease of going into the office during the day with an outfit, but making a few simple changes to convert it to dinner attire. Not many colors have this option, but with neutrals the combinations are endless. With a few keys to remember, you'll be set to build a long lasting versatile wardrobe.

Neutral Range

The beauty about neutral colors is that they come in such a wide variety of shades. For every color, there is a great range of tones to select from. There are endless options making it easy to select the color that suits you best or compliments your skin tone. This comes in perfect for pairing outfits together. While some may prefer making a huge color statement, others may like to minimize the difference in tone between your top and bottom. If you opt for low contrast outfits, neutrals are the perfect choice. For example wearing blue pants with a yellow shirt is a high contrast outfit, whereas pairing a white shirt with crème colored pants is a low contrast outfit. The choice is up to you the level of contrast in colors you prefer.

Effortless Style

With a neutral wardrobe, it saves time and mental energy. You can practically never go wrong with blending colors and practically get dressed in the the dark. It narrows down your search and everything pretty much goes together. Neutrals can also be repeated more frequently than wearing bold colors while not being obvious. Many people of influence like Michael Kors, Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg embrace this by having their go to style with neutral colors. It takes the thinking out of getting dressed and it always looks debonair.

Everything is Simplified

Not only is travel attire simplified, but you can incorporate accent colors with a neutral wardrobe. It you decide to change it up, you can easily add a pop of color for a touch of personality. By adding a different color, pattern or texture, it's a great way to add individuality to your ensemble. You will stand out in a sophisticated yet subtle way. It will flow seamlessly because everything goes with neutrals. They are a fundamental base color for every wardrobe. It even simplifies wearing accessories. When wearing a neutral color outfit, you can accent it with a statement bracelet, watch or necklace while bringing the attraction to your jewelry.

"Rhen" Labradorite bracelet from our "Slate" Collection


Neutrals will always be in style. It is a classic, solid choice that is suitable for all ages. Neutral attire is also suitable for every season of the year. Unlike some patterns, prints or colors, neutrals are timeless and will not go out of style. They will always command the attention of the room making a statement. You will look like you invested much more time getting dressed just by wearing neutral colors.


Neutrals can be repeated by making small adjustments with your shirt and accessories. You also can easily take your look from day to night by just changing a shirt, handkerchief or sports jacket. This is even perfect for saving space with packing for travel. With just a couple of pairs of neutral chinos or trousers & neutral tops, they can be interchangeable for endless outfits. This establishes effortless style. Neutrals can play a role similar to the color black in a wardrobe. This means if you can pair it with black, you can pair it with anything. Neutral hue has endless options.

Neutral colors literally look good on everyone, regardless of age, style, body type or complexion. They are the foundation of a wardrobe collection and will always have you ready for any occasion.


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