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Polished to Perfection

picture courtesy of Ig @irvinrandall

Being well put together is an art form. It can take your appearance from looking like you work for a company to owning it. With these few simple elements, it has the ability to completely transform your style.


Adding a blazer or sports coat is one of the easiest ways to look polished. Layering will add more dimension to your outfit. People will think you spent way more effort assembling your outfit than you did.

Structured Fit

Structured clothing will enhance your entire image. Clothing with a tailored fit will create a look of sophistication over an oversized outfit.


Treating your shoes will keep the leather conditioned maintaining the original color. Keeping your shoes clean is a simple task but will change your look since your feet are one of the first things noticed when entering the room.

All About Grooming

Take pride in your personal appearance, no matter where you go. This may just be the most important part of the equation. Looking polished comes from keeping your hair styled and your nails clean and trimmed. Clothes should also be clean and properly pressed.

Enhance your Ensemble

There is power in jewellery. Add a simple bracelet or watch to complete you attire. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a pair of sunglasses. This will ALWAYS elevate your look. It may seem minor but it’s all about the details.

Avram from the "Santorini" Collection

A few simple changes will level up your look making you stand out in the room. Embrace your personal style while also being the best version of yourself.


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