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Signature Style

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Karl Lagerfeld was known for his distinct, white ponytail and dark sunglasses. Pharrell Williams is known for his oversized hats. Simon Cowell is known for his classic, fitted white t-shirts. Stevie Wonder is known for his beautiful braids. Elton John is known for his colorful glasses and statement blazers. Michael Kors is known for his stylish, all black outfits. Michael Jackson was known for his amazing, military style jackets and loafers. These men all have something in common; signature style. It may seem minor, but it’s a major way to level up your own personal style.

credits to Ig @menwithclass

Signature Style

So what is it? It’s a way of adding a personal touch that’s a reflection of your style. Your wardrobe and accessories are an extension of you making a huge impact on your look. It’s undeniable that it creates your look becoming your signature style. It can be a signature style from head to toe or a signature accent like an accessory or item making you stand out.

The “It” Factor

It makes you distinctive and people will think of you when they see it. It may be as simple as one thing or a few things that you like to wear. It can be anything like a signature hairstyle, the way you cut your beard or if shoes are your niche, a pair of colorful loafers or stylish boots. Accessories like cufflinks, a scarf or jewelry are another great way to elevate your look. Don’t underestimate the power of jewelry.

"Livingston" double wrap genuine leather cord bracelet from our "Noble" Collection

Natural Attraction

Signature style can be whatever you naturally gravitate towards. You may automatically shop for certain colors in your wardrobe like neutrals or specific colors such as grey like Mark Zuckerberg. Some even go for certain patterns, prints or fabrics. Whatever makes you feel yourself can become your trademark.

It Suits You

Find what compliments your body, skin tone or facial features. You may have a favorite leather jacket always pulling your look together or if you have muscular arms, fitted t-shirts accentuate your body. You can never go wrong with the distinguished look of a sports coat. If you’re into glasses, a cool pair of shades like aviators can frame your face.

Whatever you like, just find what suits you making you feel comfortable.

~Ashley & Melissa


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