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The Art of Mixing Metals: Silver & Gold

Wearing silver and gold metals together has always been a stylish way to update your look. It not only modernizes your accessories, but is an unconventional way to make a statement. Giving an illusion of a new piece, it simply revamps the jewelry you already have. With a few simple tips, you’ll be a pro at mixing metals, taking your look to another level.


Keep your ensemble simple. To avoid your attire clashing with your jewelry, wear clothing with simple fabrics like solids, block colors or neutral tones instead of busy patterns like plaid or polka dots. This will make your jewelry compliment your outfit without competing for attention.

Visual Interest

Pairing silver and gold metals creates visual interest by adding contrast. The gold jewelry adds warmth to the cooler silver tones, making them reciprocal pieces. Also play with different styles, textures or vintage jewelry bringing dimension to your look making it your own sartorial style.

Pre Mixer

Pre mixed metals are a great way to incorporate both silver & gold effortlessly in one single accessory. A simple way of doing this is with a bracelet designed with both colors or wearing a watch with silver and gold links. It eliminates the pressure of coordinating accessories.

"Princeton" silver & gold bracelet from our "Chrome" Collection


Make sure your jewelry is represented equally with both silver and gold. If you add a silver bracelet, add a gold one to compliment it for a seamless look. Show both colors with an even number of metals making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This will make everything look complimentary. If one color is outnumbered, it may make your accessories look unbalanced.

With these simple guidelines, you will create a seamless look blending different metals. Remember there are no rules in mixing metals. Mixing metals will automatically refresh your jewelry collection. Curate a look that’s personal to you.


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