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The Weekender Bag

photo courtesy of ReGreen Springfield

Travel season is finally here! It’s time to pack a bag and get away for the weekend. It can sometimes be a hassle deciding what to bring but with a few simple tips you’ll be ready to go. Find a great weekend bag that is durable, distinguished and can accommodate your travels needs. Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. offers the “Elderwood Jefferson Leather Duffle” that is stylish, spacious and 100% full grain pure vegan leather perfect for the weekend. Start by checking the weather to determine the type of outfits to bring keeping in mind the destination and activities on the itinerary. Plan for versatile pieces that can be assembled the day of, instead of set outfits. This allows for an astounding wardrobe, while accommodating any veers to schedule. The primary outfit planned is the one worn the day of travel. A great travel outfit would be a neutral colored crew neck sweatshirt and dark blue denim jeans with clean, white sneakers. These pieces are all multi-functional throughout the weekend. Here are some ideas of other items to pack:

- Pair of chino pants in black, khaki or navy blue. They will match almost everything.

- Baby blue or white oxford button down. It can be paired with endless options.

- Black pair of sweatpants for lounge and sleeping.

- Knit sweaters in neutral colors can be paired with multiple pants.

- 2 basic t-shirts as base layers to wear underneath shirts. White and gray are always great versatile options.

- Multiple pairs of briefs and wool socks

- A pair of brown or black casual leather ankle boots such as Chelsea boots. Always pack them in a shoe bag to avoid soiling clothing items.

- Casual bracelets are a must have to bring your look together. Ashley & Melissa Jewelry have amazing styles for every outfit. Remember to store it properly in the jewelry bag provided to protect it from impact, scratches and the elements.

check out our distressed brown genuine leather cord bracelet perfect for every style
Ashley & Melissa "Ladd" bracelet is pictured in the jewelry bag

- A pair of sunglasses is another must have keeping eyes protected from harmful UV Rays & while also finishing off the outfit

- Simple face routine, body care& hair products in a toiletry bag

- Cologne is essential because smelling good is important no matter where you go

Now you’re ready to jet set and enjoy the weekend! With minimal effort, not only will you look good but be effortless while doing it.


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