Reach new dimensions with "Ethan," the heroic, protective shungite bead bracelet enhanced with matte onyx beads and rose gold accents. Every detail of this arm candy is stunningly crafted, pairing well with most attire and other bracelets from the collection, as seen in GQ magazine.



  • Materials: Shungite bead bracelet accented with matte onyx beads & rose gold beads/ rondelles. Shungite is known to have electricity-conducting properties, making it one of the best crystals to help with blocking EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) or radiation such as those from Wi-Fi, gadgets and much more.


    *These bracelets are sold in our standard men's size large. If you would like a smaller or bigger size, it is available upon request. Please see our size chart & request order form below.


    Free standard shipping is provided on all orders in the U.S. All items are specially handcrafted and will be packaged in a protective black suede pouch.


    Care Instructions: Please note that this bracelet is not waterproof. Avoid contact with water or moisture to preserve the life of the bracelet.


    Need a custom size? Complete your size request here.


    Size Chart


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